How SuccessFactors can help your organisation

SAP SuccessFactors HR and talent management technologies are built on the foundation of employee capabilities. Employee talents and other characteristics may now be integrated into business operations thanks to SAP’s Center of Capabilities. Workforce information may be stored in the Center of Capabilities, a framework and core collection of features. The Center of Capabilities allows […]

How to create an analytics strategy on SAP ECC

Data from mobile devices, IoT sensors, cloud-connected trade partners, and other new sources has propelled business analytics forward in recent years, thanks to improvements in processing power and new software innovations. SAP ECC users who have elected to continue on the platform may still use SAP Analytics.

SAP S/4HANA migration: A definitive guide

This year, SAP marks 50, but the corporate software pioneer is pushing adoption of its next-generation ERP platform, S/4HANA. It has offered clients till 2027 to migrate from SAP ERP to S/4HANA.

How ERP Software Impacts Quality

Enterprise software is a type of computer software that enables a complete organisation to improve its business and management reporting capabilities. In an ideal world, such initiatives would enable manufacturers to address enterprise-wide issues rather than departmental issues. They may help businesses increase their productivity and efficiency by assisting them in displaying, managing, and storing […]

5 reasons why job-based firms use ERP systems to cost projects

How much does a job cost and why is it necessary? Job costing is a method for a firm to keep a close eye on the expenses connected with the various components of a project. More importantly, it guarantees that a firm does not incur any hidden expenses and that all billable products are billed. […]

SAP S/4HANA implementation partners on cloud vs. on premises

Moving everyday business activities to SAP’s newest ERP platform, S/4HANA, may be a daunting endeavour loaded with complexity, uncertainty, and even terror.

Is ERP good for sustainability — or part of the problem?

Environmental protection is a primary issue for corporations, non-profits, and governments. Public opinion and pressure from consumers, shareholders, and constituencies drive most of this.

Can ERP managed services extend the life of on-premises ERP?

Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular, but what if you choose to keep your on-premises ERP system?

How can SAP’s predictive analytics improve supply chain management?

Big data is now driving more operational choices than ever. Predictive analytics in SAP software might assist users enhance their supply chain. Predictive analytics in the supply chain might help reduce risk and optimise inventories. Here’s how SAP’s predictive analytics capabilities may improve supply chain management (SCM).

An overview of SAP S/4HANA modules and LOBs

SAP S/4HANA Fundamentals: A Quick ReferenceComplexity is well-known as a characteristic of SAP software. That’s hardly surprising, given that many of the world’s largest and most sophisticated firms rely on it for basic financials, inventory management and supply chain operations, human resources, sales and marketing, and much more.