How SuccessFactors can help your organisation

SAP SuccessFactors HR and talent management technologies are built on the foundation of employee capabilities. Employee talents and other characteristics may now be integrated into business operations thanks to SAP’s Center of Capabilities. Workforce information may be stored in the Center of Capabilities, a framework and core collection of features. The Center of Capabilities allows […]

How can SAP’s predictive analytics improve supply chain management?

Big data is now driving more operational choices than ever. Predictive analytics in SAP software might assist users enhance their supply chain. Predictive analytics in the supply chain might help reduce risk and optimise inventories. Here’s how SAP’s predictive analytics capabilities may improve supply chain management (SCM).

Neutral review ByDesign VS Netsuite

The number of cloud solutions now on offer puts you in a better position than ever before to find what you need – BUT you really are spoiled for choice. For us, at In Cloud Solutions, the key to the success of your ERP project comes down to the partner you decide to work with […]

Why SAP Business ByDesign is a Better Value than NetSuite – ERP

In the increasingly crowded market for cloud-based enterprise resource planning systems that serve SMBs, two offerings typically stand out from the pack. SAP Business ByDesign and Oracle’s NetSuite both consistently top the ratings charts when it comes to cloud ERP tools. What is a business to do when it comes down to choosing between two beloved heavy hitters […]

Checklist for the Right Software Partner Fit

For every partnership to work, there has to be some fair amount of trust to begin the working relationship. Here are some checkpoints to help you qualify a good working partner. #1 Industry Knowledge Does your partner in mind display an in-depth knowledge of your industry?  A qualified partnership means your partner has experience working […]

SAP S/4HANA Migration: Why It’s a Strategic Move in 2021

Switching to another ERP system has its pros and cons, but an SAP S/4HANA migration is inevitable. In Asia-Pacific, the 2027 deadline for current ECC systems has entities considering a strategic system transit. Your company is not alone in this. Most recently, the Australian government’s finance department’s decision to implement S/4HANA leaves a strong impression regarding the […]

Choose the Right ERP System for Your Small Business

A Brief Introduction to ERP As remote working has become the norm, small businesses need to invest in an Enterprise Resource Planning system. Otherwise known as an ERP, this program is an all-inclusive system that helps streamline your business’s multiple functions. This centralized core replaces the everyday specialized software typically used for individual implementations. As […]

The quick reference guide to the latest SAP ERP options

Each of the most recent SAP ERP options has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. But first, you must comprehend the distinctions and what each delivers. Here’s a rundown of the many varieties of S/4HANA software and the most critical details about each.1) Cloud S/4HANA It is what it is. SAP’s multi-tenant SaaS ERP […]

How ERP Systems Have a Place in the Circular Economy Model

In the circular economy, products are manufactured and distributed so that businesses can maximise the product itself or its components for long periods. Products are designed from the beginning of the process so that raw materials and components may be remanufactured within certain procedures, reducing waste and increasing efficiency. A few objectives of a circular economy […]

ERP Comparison

As of 2019, around 77 percent of companies in Germany are using ERP systems and that number continues to increase. With ERP moving towards mass adoption the more relevant question is no longer should we use an ERP but instead which ERP should we use. This shift is not only due to the functional scope […]